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Victim Support Europe’s staff exchange programme is an outstanding opportunity for employees of our member organisations to network, exchange good practices and knowledge, and encourage peer-learning and the development of professional and intercultural skills and competences.

By bringing our members together we encourage victim support partnerships and improve understanding of how victim support services function in different parts of Europe.

For the 2021 staff exchange events, we relied on three hosting organisations: Weisser Ring, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV), and Victim and Witness Support Services Croatia. Each host organisation developed a programme, based on their own expertise, on a specific function of their victim support organisation.

The idea is to enable employees of our member organisations to visit the host organisation for several days, thereby having an opportunity to experience their host’s activities, to enable people to learn from each other and to deepen cooperation and develop relationships.

For the two visits both participants will commit to:

✓ Preparing jointly the visits by co-designing the agenda, identifying topics and arranging the practical modalities

✓ Preparing a final report at the end of the exchange. The final report will identify the main results of the exchange, including how relevant measures identified will be implemented. (A template will be provided by VSE.)


Most associated costs (travel expenses) will be covered through a grant awarded to the participants.

How to Apply?

The open call to apply for the next staff exchange programme will be published by September 2022.

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